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Hillcrest Studio jewelry is all made in Portland, OR. 



Inspired by Natural Elements



Production Design

Hillcrest Jewelry is designed and fabricated by Allyson Ross in her Portland, Oregon studio. All of her designs are inspired by the local landscape. 

With this as her design focus, she reveres and preserves, in a sense, the local flora that surrounds the area. 

When you buy a piece of jewelry from Hillcrest Jewelry Studio you will be wearing an object that represents the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. 

Custom Design

In addition to Ross' production line, she works with clients on designing and creating one of a kind engagement and wedding rings. If you are interested, email, and Ross will start collaborating with you on your custom piece of jewelry.

Conscious Practices

All of the materials used to fabricate Ross' jewelry are sourced from responsible companies within the United States. The precious metals she purchases are recycled, and the diamonds are ethically sourced.